One rival GM suggested he believes the Chicago White Sox could be a “dark horse” candidate to sign star infielder Manny Machado. The ChiSox’s surprise pursuit of Machado could ultimately be a clue as to their intention, the GM speculated. While the Phillies, Yankees and others have been speculated much more often as a likely landing spot for Machado, others point out that White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf occasionally goes for the “big splash” signing, and Machado would fit that bill. Wherever Machado goes, it’d be interesting to see how the signing team works it out positionally. Machado made pretty clear here and elsewhere that he intends to stay at shortstop, which he suggested is where his heart is. The White Sox signed Tim Anderson to a long-term deal, but that’s unlikely to prevent a Machado pursuit, as Anderson could be moved to another position, if need be.