It's the Yankees' world, and Major League Baseball's other 29 teams are just living in it. Find out the pecking order of every big league club with our inaugural MLB Power Rankings.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our MLB Power Rankings. Through hours of statistical model tweaking along with trial and error, I've worked to develop a tool designed to make you a more savvy MLB bettor. Aside from the team name and ranking, you’ll also see a number called a “radius.” This number is derived from a combination of expected winning percentage, offensive ratings, defensive ratings, and fielding percentage. 

We’ve nearly reached the half-point in the MLB season, and we've already witnessed plenty of surprises. We’ve seen the New York Yankees go on an unprecedented streak of dominance highlighted by becoming the fourth team in the Live Ball Era to win 55 of their first 75 games.

Unfortunately, we’ve also seen some negative shockers too. Most notably, Los Angeles Angels skipper Joe Maddon was the first manager fired after L.A. went on an historic losing streak. The Angels came into the season with aspirations of winning the division, but reached July with the same record as a team in last place in the AL East, the Baltimore Orioles.

Speaking of the Orioles, they’ve improved considerably from a year ago. It may seem like a longshot, but Baltimore is only 6.5 games out of the final wild card spot in the American League. That’s quite a feat for a team with the worst record in the big leagues in 2021.

Now that we’ve nearly reached the All-Star break, it's time to separate the wheat from the chaff in our MLB Power Rankings.


Better than advertised

New York Yankees (1)

The New York Yankees are atop the board, and it seems impossible to imagine anyone else in that spot. Aaron Boone's crew may regress from their historic pace at some point, but even if they do, the gap between the Bronx Bombers and the Los Angeles Dodgers isn't tiny.

Something that speaks to the Yankees' dominance can be found on our Covers MLB Trends Page. Despite regularly being an ML favorite of -200 or higher, the Yankees are still the most profitable team in baseball. If a bettor wagered $100 on them every game, they'd be up a league-leading $1,356. That's wildly impressive. The Yankees are one of two teams in baseball, along with the Houston Astros, to sit in the Top 5 of both starting pitcher ERA and bullpen ERA.