International players returning from their home countries in order to resume training for a shortened Major League Baseball season would not be held to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention coronavirus quarantine recommendations, according to guidelines proposed by the league, which instead would screen, test and quarantine foreign and domestic players under the same program.

The CDC currently suggests a 14-day quarantine period for those arriving internationally. Under that direction, and considering MLB’s hope to open camps by the second week of June, international players who spent recent time out of the country would have a greater urgency to return to the U.S., by the end of May at the latest. That the league and the players association do not have an agreement for, among other issues, how players will be compensated in 2020, and might not for weeks, could further complicate those travel plans.

Several agents with clients currently in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan, Korea and other countries said this week they’d received little or no direction regarding international travel protocols and were uncertain if the players would be held to a two-week quarantine requirement, causing confusion. 

According to two agents who went back over a month of near-daily email reports from the Major League Baseball Players Association, there has been no mention of plans — or possible plans, or possible obstacles, or advice — for international players awaiting the OK to return. The union declined comment.