Greg Asminger of MLB Network shall henceforth be known as Nostradamus.

Albert Pujols made history on Friday night when he belted the 700th home run of his career. The 42-year-old became just the fourth player in MLB history to hit that mark. Most people were skeptical that Pujols would get to 700 with the way he has fallen off in recent years, but he has gone on an absolute tear this season. Asminger is one of the few who can say he saw it coming. Not only that, but the analyst predicted exactly when Pujols would reach the 700-homer milestone.

All the way back on April 13th, Asminger delivered one of the most stunningly accurate predictions you will ever see from a sports analyst. He said Pujols was going to play a lot more than people think during the 2022 season and that the slugger would reach 700 home runs.