So, that was something.

Can we never do it again, please?

Major League Baseball’s 60-game season has stumbled into its final weekend dazed but intact, like a wayward outfielder spun around by a fly ball, only to right himself at the last and haul in the ball at the warning track.

And here we are.

Was it worth it?

That’s a question we pondered two months ago, when MLB slugged its way through intake testing and summer camp and a bevy of positive tests for the coronavirus, along with many more mysterious absences that would later be determined to be COVID-19 cases.

Stars were opting out. Pitchers’ arms were fraying, or blowing out altogether. COVID-19 was ravaging the sun belt states, as it dawned on millions that their children would be schooled at home.

Sixty days later, the game has made it. Just a final weekend remains in the regular season, and MLB, like a wide-eyed child shaking gift-wrapped presents on Christmas Eve, now has its nearly billion-dollar playoff TV payday in sight.