Members of MLB’s competition committee on Monday discussed tweaks to baseball’s new rules, people briefed on the meeting told The Athletic, opening the door to potential rule modifications for Opening Day. It wasn’t immediately known what specific changes were discussed, but if any are made, they’re not expected to be major.

The Players Association brought suggestions to the league. The commissioner’s office ultimately controls the outcome of the competition committee process, with a majority of appointees to the group, which was created last year. When the committee late last summer moved for a vote on the new rules, the player representatives voted against the pitch clock and banning the shift, believing that there were potential problems that could arise with both rules as MLB had written them.

Spring training games have had their share of positives. Game time has dropped an average of 25 minutes (at two hours, 36 minutes through play Sunday, compared to the average game time of 3:01 through all spring games in 2022).