Major League Baseball resumed baseball activities earlier this month with spring training 2.0, also known as "summer camp." The hope is that MLB will be able to fit in a 60-game regular season (imposed by commissioner Rob Manfred) amid the coronavirus pandemic. Opening Day is scheduled for next week. Two regular season games are on the calendar for July 23 and the rest of the league will begin play on July 24.

However, delays on COVID-19 test results throughout the league are making things more difficult for some squads. The concerns first arose last week when the Nationals and Astros (along with other teams) were forced to cancel workouts because of testing delays.

"Without accurate and timely testing, it is simply not safe for us to continue with summer camp," Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo said. "Major League Baseball needs to work quickly to resolve issues with their process and their lab. Otherwise, summer camp and the 2020 season are at risk."

The league responded to the testing delays in a statement last week and attributed delays to the July 4 holiday weekend. MLB said it did not expect delays to continue.