Under a new set of league rules, NFL teams will be allowed to discuss contracts with potential free agents starting March 9, or three days before they officially can sign those players. That change, designed to curtail the practice of teams gaining an unfair advantage by flouting league rules and approaching players early, could create a "truer" market for players this spring, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said Friday, Feb. 15. "It's funny because now if anything gets done when free agency kicks off, you'll know why -- because there has been negotiations going on," Spielman said. "You won't have to get a multi-million deal done in an hour now." Assistant general manager Rob Brzezinski has had some initial conversations with the Vikings' unrestricted free agents, Spielman said Friday, and the team will talks with them next week at the NFL scouting combine. "Our stance has always been that we're going to have an open door and we'd love to have all our UFAs back," Spielman said.