Points in the paint are piling up on the Milwaukee Bucks. Orlando scored 62 points in the paint Sunday and was plus-22 in that category against the Bucks. Miami outscored Milwaukee in the paint, 42-36, Friday. And Washington had a 58-42 advantage in the Wizards' victory over the Bucks on Wednesday. You get the picture. Bucks coach Jim Boylan wants his players to see it, too. He devoted a share of Monday's practice session to film study to reveal the team's defensive weak link. "When you watch us play closely, from a coach's standpoint, we're not that far away," Boylan said after practice at the Cousins Center. "It's a lot of minor detail stuff. "Instead of being 4 feet over to the left, you need to be in a certain position. If you would get there, and you can, it's going to make a difference in the possession. "Teams are scoring way too much in the paint against us. And it's not always just throwing it down to a big guy and he's turning and scoring. That's not it. "It's guys catching the ball on the perimeter, penetrating and getting into the paint, shooting little floaters in the lane or getting all the way to the rim. We've got to do a better job defending the painted area and keeping teams out of there." Washington's John Wall and Orlando's Jameer Nelson were able to get inside the Bucks defense and creating havoc. Miami had Dwyane Wade (nine assists) and LeBron James (seven) combining for 16 of its 24 assists in the Heat's 107-94 victory over the Bucks on Friday.