It appears that Canadian tennis star Milos Raonic is ready for a serving showdown with Vancouver Canucks winger Alex Burrows. On Monday, Burrows told The Vancouver Sun he'd love to try and return one of Raonic's bullet serves after watching the big Canadian deliver the goods in Sunday's Davis Cup tie at UBC. On Tuesday, Raonic tweeted: “Let's do it Alex!!!” With the gauntlet now thrown, Burrows wasn't backing off. “It might happen, you never know,” chuckled Burrows, who claims to be a pretty good recreational player. “It would be something. I think I could handle one and then, on the next stroke, he'd probably kill me. But I would love to try. He's such a good server, probably the best in the world. Maybe if he served on skates, I would probably have a better chance.” Burrows and Raonic have met and, if this “showdown” ever comes to pass, it would likely be this August in Montreal at the Rogers Cup. “I already have my tickets for the entire week,” Burrows said. “So we'll probably meet up there.”