About to begin his fifth NBA season Spurs reserve Patty Mills is best known stateside for his sunny disposition and affinity for towel waving. It’s a far cry from his status with the Australian national team with which he’s been given carte blanche to shoot as often as he likes. Mills took full advantage of his license to launch at the 2012 Olympics leading the tournament in both points (21.2) and shots (19.3) per game. Mills admitted on Friday that the disparity is difficult to manage particularly as he enters the final year of his contract still battling for a consistent rotation place in the NBA. While Mills knows he can’t play like he does for Australia neither can he completely bottle up the aggression that makes him such a wild card in international play. “It’s tough obviously having one role on the national team and trying to find that role here in the NBA” said Mills 25. “It’s taken longer than I would like but I’m still going to try to stick with it and see if I can find that balance. It’s a tricky situation. I have to remember who I am and how I play and stick to my strengths. Don’t try to be somebody else or something I’m not.” Mills was at his energetic best in Wednesday’s exhibition game against CSKA Moscow hitting the game-winning 3-pointer in the dying seconds to cap a seven-point overtime. It was his first action with the Spurs since dropping his body fat below seven percent over the summer.