Milan Lucic was menacing the Maple Leafs on every shift until midway through the second period last night. The repeated pushing and shoving that followed nearly every whistle around both nets escalated into a fantastic heavyweight bout between Lucic and Toronto monster left winger Jay Rosehill. Like a pair of school-yard toughs from rival factions ready for a showdown, this was not a spur of the moment engagement. Lucic and Rosehill reached a mutual agreement to throw down and hurl the initial blows of a fight that lasted minutes longer than the standard NHL rumble. "I think in a way it was building up and the tensions in the game were rising," Rosehill said after the Bruins' 4-3 shootout loss to the Maple Leafs. "I think we both thought it was the right time to go and he was getting in the face of some of our guys there. I happened to see him in a scrum and grabbed him because I thought it was the right time to go." Lucic agreed "it was mutual" but had little else to say about a fight that sent a buzz through the Garden crowd of 17,565. The fight began with both combatants grabbing a chunk of jersey with the left hand and looking to aim the right. Lucic got the better of that stage in the proceedings by yanking Rosehill forward into his pulverizing rights.