The Vikings were one step away from the Super Bowl last January; this January they are a non-playoff team.

At his wrap up news conference on Wednesday, Vikings coach Mike Zimmer vowed to restore the team’s winning attitude.

“We had a chip on our shoulder last year,” Zimmer said. “I don’t know that that chip was there. And we’re going to get it back.

“You can look at a lot of statistics, but quite honestly, this football team through the years I’ve been here had that nasty, ‘We’re going to win no matter what the situation is’ mentality, and I don’t know that we had it.

“It’s a different vibe with this football team, and I don’t know exactly why ... for some reason, we didn’t finish the games like we did before. We’re going to get that mentality back.

“We’re going to get it back.”

Zimmer is entering the final year of his contract, and said that was fine.

“I’ve got no problem with that ... free agent after that, right?” he joked.

As for pondering retirement, he said, “I can’t believe someone threw that out there. It was totally, whatever they call it, hashtag fake news.