Iman Shumpert already was dealing with his recovery from the torn ACL that had sidelined him for the first 36 games of the season when he found himself facing the added stress of his name surfacing in trade rumors. Actually, the stress might have been equally intense for Mike Woodson, who got an angry call from his daughter, Mariah. "My daughter jumped me [Saturday] night about that trade rumor. She called me and told me, ‘Daddy you’re not going to trade him’ because they all went to Georgia Tech together. I was like, ‘Iman’s going to be right here with me.’" Shumpert dismissed the talk, noting, "I can’t do nothing about it." Carmelo Anthony echoed that, saying, "Shump, he ain’t going nowhere. He ain’t got to worry about that. I mean, the Knicks shouldn’t even be in trade talks." While the father-daughter conversation may have been reassuring, Woodson was quick to point out that he could make no such promise to Shumpert. "That’s kind of out of my hands," Woodson said. "If owners came to me and said we have to do a deal then you do the deal. I sat him down and I told him. He knows how I feel about him."