Midway through the offseason when reports of his possible trade were making the Internet rounds, Mike Wallace got not one but multiple phone calls from general manager Dennis Hickey on the subject. “He called and talked to me about it and told me it was never true,” Wallace said Saturday. “And obviously it was not because I’m here today.” Nothing could have been further from the truth because Hickey never talked to any other team about Wallace but also because, at that same time, new offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was setting plans for how to utilize the wide receiver in 2014. And those plans involve using Wallace more. Using him in a greater variety of ways. Asking Wallace to do more and be more for the Dolphins rather than be on another team. Those plans became apparent to Wallace this offseason when he got his first glimpse of Lazor’s offense. And now that training camp is open for business, Wallace is about to get a heaping serving of the buffet Lazor wants to put on his plate. “I think I’ll get to run everything,” Wallace said. “I’ll be able to be a complete receiver instead of a one-dimensional guy. Coach tells me every day he’s going to work me to continue to push me to boundaries I’ve never been to. “I’m excited about it. I’m definitely willing to accept the challenge and be the best player I can be. I feel as long as I’m put in a good position, I’ll play well.” Wallace wasn’t necessarily put in the best position to succeed last season. None of the Dolphins receivers were because it is well chronicled that former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman kept Brian Hartline on the left side and Wallace on the right side practically every down — rarely using motion to help them get free of coverage, only occasionally using screens to get them the ball in open spaces on the field.