Kliff Kingsbury. Brandon Staley. Sean McVay. Mike Vrabel. Matt LaFleur. Bill Belichick. 

Those are the names most commonly brought up in NFL Coach of the Year conversations—yet they all pale in comparison to the Tennessee Titans' Vrabel. 

Vrabel, somewhat quietly thanks to a strange AFC, is like a Hollywood blockbuster script's idea of a coach of the year through 10 weeks. His team has won eight games already, sprinting out to the No. 1 seed in the conference. 

The Titans have endured more setbacks than most teams this season. They have won six in a row, the NFL's top current streak, and are 6-0 against teams that made the playoffs last season (7-0 accounting for a sweep of Indianapolis). 

Those numbers would be impressive before looping in the dramatic setbacks. But the Titans have already cycled through a stunning 82 players, which is close to an NFL record—set by teams over the course of 16 games.