On some days, Mike Trout does what you expect. The best baseball player in the world picks up his glove and gets ready for a call that might be coming one day soon.

“I have a couple of guys who can meet me at a Little League field down the road, which is pretty cool, because it brings back old times,” Trout said this week.

In those moments, it almost feels like regular life. People see him. Soon the Trout jerseys start showing up. He still lives near his hometown of Millville, New Jersey, so he’s not a stranger to the locals, but they still gather when Trout takes the field.

“They come up and say hello, which is cool,” Trout says. “They’re obviously staying six feet away because I have a pregnant wife. I’m trying to be real cautious about that.”

Like everybody else in baseball, Trout is eager to get back on the field as the game seeks a way forward amid the coronavirus pandemic, but he also understands the safety issues at play. Restarting baseball is more about getting your arm ready. Everybody has a responsibility, he says, to keep themselves and their teammates safe.

On some days, Mike Trout is just like the rest of us. He’s at home when he usually wouldn’t be. Stuck inside instead of being on a plane or roaming center field for the Angels. He craves the outdoors, he says, so he plays tennis or hits golf balls or takes his dogs for a walk.