Bryce Harper walked out of the Nationals clubhouse this morning with a backwards cap and a small black bag hanging on his shoulder, headed to catch his flight to the Andrews Institute in Pensacola, Fla. Harper will see high-profile orthopedist Dr. James Andrews on Monday morning for a second opinion on his swollen left knee, which the Nationals have diagnosed as bursitis. General Manager Mike Rizzo said the Nationals have no concern Andrews’s evaluation will reveal structural damage in Harper’s knee and called the visit part of the Nationals’ protocol for players on the disabled list. “There’s no worry about it,” Rizzo said. “It is our protocol that players get a second opinion on any part of the body that we feel is a disabled list type of injury. Guys get second opinions all the time here. Every person that we put on the disabled list has gotten a second opinion. We send him to our team physician. He makes his diagnosis. We start the rehab process. We get the second opinion, just for corroboration, and that’s our protocol. This is no different than when [Stephen Strasburg] went out, then when [Ross Detwiler] went out. Same thing. Second opinion.” Across every professional sports league, a visit to Andrews often signifies doom. Rizzo, though, said Andrews’s renown should not be taken as cause for alarm. The Nationals use a different specialist for every part of a player’s body, Rizzo said, and Andrews happens to the Nationals’ preferred knee specialist.