Florida State coach Mike Norvell described his team as "sick to their stomach" after losing to FCS Jacksonville State, and vowed his players would not quit on the season in the face of such a dispiriting loss.

During his Monday press conference with media in Tallahassee, a fired up Norvell once again took full responsibility for the first FCS loss in school history but said it was a teachable moment they would learn from as they prepare to open ACC play at Wake Forest on Saturday.

"This football team's not going to quit," Norvell said. "We have to build and get better, and we're going to. This will be something we look back to. Nobody wants to have the experience, nobody wants to have the feelings, but it's our opportunity to respond to it, and it's our opportunity to go get better. That's why last night we didn't just sit out there and drag our heads around. Was anybody happy? No, they were sick to their freakin' stomach about what happened Saturday night. But you go back out, and you go to work."

On Saturday night, Florida State led Jacksonville State 17-14 with six seconds remaining. Rather than play prevent defense, the Seminoles wanted to rush four and make sure their defensive backs were in position to keep all routes in front of them. The Seminoles had two players in position to make a tackle after Damond Philyaw-Johnson caught the ball at the 21-yard line, but they both missed.