Titans coach Mike Mularkey found himself having to defend his quarterback Marcus Mariota on Friday in the aftermath of Thursday night's 40-17 loss at Pittsburgh. Mariota threw a career-high four interceptions, wiping out any chance the Titans had of coming back in a game in which they trailed by just six points at the end of the third quarter. "Nobody ever talks about how accurate (Mariota) is with some of the throws that he does make," Mularkey said. "All (the media) keeps asking are about the throws he doesn't. There's a lot of good throws that he makes every Sunday in very, very tight window throws." Mariota threw six interceptions through the first nine games. With a total of 10 now, he has exceeded the total number of interceptions (9) he had in 2016. He also has more interceptions than touchdowns (8). The miscues this season, however, have not diminished Mularkey's confidence in Mariota in any way. The coach said his third-year quarterback is still progressing at a pace at which he is pleased, especially with the heavy load that has been placed on Mariota at this stage in his career.