As it should be, Mike Mularkey said his focus is on Sunday’s game with the Jacksonville Jaguars. In some ways, Sunday’s season finale could be a referendum on Mularkey and his staff. The Titans were sitting pretty at 8-4 three weeks ago, but now three straight losses have them needing to win against Jacksonville in order to reach the playoffs. A win on Sunday and all appears well enough with the Titans, who would finish with the same 9-7 mark as a year ago and would earn the franchise’s first playoff berth in nine years. Chances are, Mularkey, who signed a three-year deal as head coach when he took over last season, might even merit an extension. “A win would always make everything better,” Mularkey said. On the other hand, however, a loss would mean no postseason (barring losses by both the Bills and Chargers) and would put Mularkey, who has gone 17-14 since a 2-7 interim stint in 2015, at the very least be affixed to the hot seat for 2018. . For his part, he says he has not discussed his long-term situation with anyone in the organization, pointing out that Sunday’s game is the only concern for him. “No. We’ve just talked about the Jaguars,” he said. Asked about whether he thought the outcome of Sunday’s game might affect his long-term status as the Titans head coach, Mularkey was philosophical.