Heat forward Mike Miller took a plan from Indianapolis to Miami on Wednesday morning after suffering from concussion-like symptoms for the third consecutive game. Coach Erik Spoelstra said Wednesday afternoon that Miller never sustained a concussion after blows to head in Detroit, Boston and Indianapolis, "but he had his bell rung three straight games." Miller, who has a history of concussions, first appeared shaken and woozy after a collision in Detroit. He received testing in Michigan before being allowed to fly to Boston. In Boston, he was blindsided blindsided on a screen set by Celtics forward Kevin Garnett. Miller again showed signs similar to a concussion. In Indianapolis, Miller received an elbow in the face and left the game. He was taken to the hospital in Indianapolis on Tuesday night but returned to the team hotel. Heat trainer Rey Jaffet accompanied Miller back to Miami. Miller received an X-ray and a CAT-scan in Indiana.