Mike McCarthy would not directly connect the dots between tight end Martellus Bennett's retirement talk and what led to his unexpected release Wednesday. Instead, the Green Bay Packers coach called it "an injury situation." The Packers waived the veteran tight end with the designation that he failed to disclose a physical condition. The move capped a rocky stretch for Bennett, who made a surprising bye-week announcement on social media that he was "pretty sure" he would retire after this season. He then was sidelined with an unexplained shoulder injury that popped up following the first practice after the bye. He hasn't played in a game since Oct. 22. "Well, I mean, you can't deny the facts of your timeline and how everything went down," McCarthy said Thursday. "I mean, really, to tie all that together, you're asking me to get inside somebody else's feelings, conversation, more on a personal level. I think this all started obviously coming out of the bye week. Everything leading up to that, I can't really comment on it. And then we went down this injury path, and then here we are today. So, I mean, it'd be all speculation."