NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock pumped the brakes on the national buzz about the Browns picking Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen first overall Thursday night instead of the longtime presumptive front-runner, Southern California quarterback Sam Darnold. “If you’re asking me for my gut feel, just based on all the film work I’ve done and talking to people around the league, et cetera, my gut tells me that at one, Cleveland will take Sam Darnold,” Mayock said Friday during a conference call. Mayock said he believes the debate new Browns General Manager John Dorsey faces atop the board is between Darnold and Allen. “I’ve been saying that since the combine — Darnold and Allen — and it comes off watching a whole bunch of tape and having a little bit of a feel for what I call northern weather and having the ability to throw the ball,” Mayock said. “When you talk weather, people worry about rain and snow, and I’m saying no. I’m talking about wind, being able to step in the pocket and throw the ball in heavy winds in December, and immediately Darnold and Allen are the two guys that I think of from that perspective.” Mayock pointed to the Kansas City Chiefs trading up from No. 27 overall to No. 10 last year, when Dorsey was their GM, to pick Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback with the strongest arm in the 2017 class. Allen’s arm is believed to be even stronger, but he lacks elite anticipation, timing and accuracy, thereby making him risky at No. 1. The main reason to doubt Darnold is the 22 interceptions and 21 fumbles (14 lost) he had in 27 games at USC.