NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock held a conference call with the media on Monday. The conference ended up lasting around two hours, with the transcript around 22,000 words in length, but a couple of the Cleveland reporters on call managed to squeak in a few questions. Q. "When it comes to the Browns and number six, do you think there is a guy worthy of six? I know you talked about it a little bit earlier, but do you think there is a guy worthy of six for them who would be an upgrade over Brendan Weeden? Or do you think they'd be better served going defense considering they're switching schemes again?" Mayock: "I think I'd be more comfortable if I'm the Browns at the linebacker position, trying to upgrade that at six, because I think I'd probably get a player worthy of that. Whereas, at quarterback, in my opinion, I'm reaching. I don't have a quarterback that I think can go before No. 20. Those two quarterbacks Geno Smith and [Matt] Barkley to me are 20 to 32 at best -- bottom third of the first round. I'm not a proponent of any quarterback at number six for Cleveland. I think you get the best player you can get, and it's probably going to be one of those defensive ends or outside linebackers." Q. "Which of those defensive ends or outside linebackers would you think would be the best fit for the Browns at six?" Mayock: "I think it's Jarvis Jones. I'm not as big on Bjoern Werner at six or Damontre Moore at six. Other people will be, but I'm not. I think that Jarvis Jones is the guy, as long as he checks out medically, whose value is commensurate of the sixth pick." Mayock was later asked if the Browns would be better served forgetting about the quarterback position this year, in relation to the draft. It must have slipped Mayock's mind that the Browns do not have a second-round draft pick after using it in the supplemental draft last year on wide receiver Josh Gordon, because Mayock began discussing "what if" scenarios of Matt Barkley falling to No. 6 in the second round, or the Browns considering a trade-up from that spot near the end of the first round. If that were to happen, Cleveland would have to fork up draft picks in 2014, and I think that's the last thing we want to do right now.