Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski stated his case for changes he would like for college basketball, notably saying high school players should be eligible for the NBA Draft. Speaking on ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" show Tuesday, the discussion centered mostly around the NBA possibly changing its minimum age rule and Krzyzewski echoed sentiments of a lot of coaches we spoke to earlier this week. Krzyzewski also fought back on the idea that he's altered the way he recruits in the one-and-done era. "People say that we've changed our recruiting philosophy," he said. "We haven't changed our recruiting philosophy. We've always recruited really good players who are good students and good kids, and now that combination has produced one-and-dones. Grant Hill and Elton Brand, Elton Brand was a two-and-done. We've had a number of guys who early on, like 10, 20 years ago, they would be one-and-dones right now. So that's who we have attracted. We're not going to stop recruiting them, but it doesn't mean we've changed our philosophy. The world of basketball has changed, and we're trying to adapt to those changes." One of his peers thinks this may be some spin from Coach K. "I think Mike hates it," a prominent coach told CBS Sports regarding the current NBA rule, and cited Krzyzewski's adaptation to recruiting in this era. That's backed up by Coach K riding his greatest recruiting run ever, including Duke's boom in the 1980s. "In baseball, actually in theater, in music, if you're 16 and you're really good, you go on a different path," Krzyzewski said on radio. "I really think that high school players should be allowed to go. And once they get to college, if you don't do that, I think a two-year period -- so you legitimize being in college going for an education. You don't just kind of use the college system as a training ground." (Actually, the baseball rule states players can go pro out of high school or after three years of college.) Krzyzewski emphasized a need for more communication between the the NBA and the NCAA/college basketball. He also advocated for every NBA team to have a G League (formerly D-League) team for a feeder system (the G League has 22 teams owned among 30 NBA franchises).