Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski is concerned about the NCAA's lack of leadership as the organization attempts to hold a basketball season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to reporters after the Blue Devils' 83-68 loss to Illinois on Tuesday, Krzyzewski explained why playing games now doesn't feel like the right thing to do:

"I don't think it feels right to anybody. I mean, everyone is concerned. 

"We made an assessment. I'm not sure who leads college basketball. It's done by committee. Anything that's led by committee is not agile in handling a situation. There was a consensus. It wasn't like well-planned. Just that we were going to start Nov. 25. That was made without knowing where the vaccine was, how many cases. Basically, it was more a mentality of get as many games in as possible. I would just like for the safety, the mental and physical health of players and staff to assess where we're at."