Coach K put on the hot dog suit earlier this week when he looked around and noticed that his Duke Blue Devils were under a lot of pressure to send him out a winner in his finale season. After trouncing Cal State Fullerton and surviving a very game Michigan State team in Greenville, his second-seeded team stocked to the rafters with NBA-ready talent faces Texas Tech and a suffocating, unique defense later tonight in San Francisco. Oddsmakers are predicting a nail-biter and there's a realistic chance the greatest college basketball coach plays out his final chapter through 40 frustrating minutes.

Better analysts can dissect this one from their angles of expertise. But here's what I can tell you, as a Feel Guy: It just doesn't feel like this will be Coach K's last dance. Bowing out short of expectations to a non-traditional side with an opposing coach in Mark Adams that most couldn't pick out of a lineup near midnight on a school night is bad Hollywood.