The attorney for New York Jets running back Mike Goodson told USA TODAY Sports on Friday the discovery he received on his client's case from New Jersey State Police revealed Garant Evans, the driver of the car when both were arrested, has claimed ownership of the gun that was found. Goodson and Evans both were charged with possession of a firearm and hollow-point bullets, as well as possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Goodson's attorney, Anthony Fusco, said Friday the reports he received indicated Evans told police the 45-caliber Taurus Millennium handgun was his when he was questioned at the Netcong, N.J., State Police station immediately following the arrest. The unlawful possession of a handgun charge, a third-degree offense, carries a minimum three years in prison if convicted. If gun charges against Goodson are dropped, his chances of sticking with the Jets drastically improve. In a statement emailed to USA TODAY Sports, Evans' attorney, Joe Afflito, said "any statements allegedly made by Mr. Evans at the time of his arrest will be the subject of future hearings." Provided by Fusco to USA TODAY Sports, a portion of the New Jersey State Police Investigation Report filed by the responding trooper, stated: "Upon briefly speaking to Evans, he stated that the gun was his but refused to answer questions regarding where it came from or where he acquired the gun. I attempted to have Evans sign a copy of the consent form which was read to him at the scene and which he gave verbal consent to search the vehicle. Evans refused to sign and same was noted on the consent form." State Police spokesman Lt. Stephen Jones said Goodson was charged with possession of the firearm because gun ownership could not be determined the night of the arrest because of the "degree of alcohol and intoxication." He added a check into the gun's ownership records "has not returned yet." Fusco told USA TODAY Sports in the days following the arrest the gun and drugs did not belong to Goodson. However, Fusco has not commented on the drug charges since USA TODAY Sports reported an affidavit from New Jersey State Trooper Carlos Mesa indicated police found a baggie of marijuana in Goodson's pocket. The maximum sentence in New Jersey for less than 50 grams of marijuana is sixth months.