Mike DeVito won’t be on the field for the plays that fans pay good money to see, the ones featured on highlight shows. He won’t play much for his new team, the Chiefs, on passing plays. But DeVito, a veteran defensive lineman, signed recently after six seasons with the New York Jets, wouldn’t have it any other way. He prefers the dirty work of playing on running downs. “There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing,” DeVito said. “I want to hit and be physical every play. If I don’t hit somebody, I know something is wrong. That first- and second-down run game, that’s where I live. That’s what I enjoy. I want to continue to try to get better at that and improve my craft.” With the Jets, DeVito was good enough against the run that the Chiefs signed him on the day the free-agent market opened. One of New York’s coaches last season was Bob Sutton, the new Chiefs’ defensive coordinator. “He played a big part in me coming here,” DeVito said. “I played for Bob for six years, and he’s somebody I have a ton of respect for. He’s a guy you want to give your all for. “He’s a guy who really helped me progress. He took an interest in me even though he was a defensive coordinator, and then a linebackers coach, and I was a defensive lineman, and he helped me get better. He’s make sure I was keeping up on my techniques and my habits.” The Chiefs relied on Sutton’s recommendation in signing DeVito. “DeVito is one of those blue-collar guys,” general manager John Dorsey said. “He lines up. He plays. He gives you everything he’s got. He’s tenacious. Football is very important for him.” DeVito can play all the defensive-line positions. He will most likely wind up at end in the starting spot vacated when Glenn Dorsey signed as a free agent with the San Francisco 49ers. DeVito’s football background is about as far from Glenn Dorsey’s as can be. Dorsey was drafted by the Chiefs with the fifth overall pick in 2008; DeVito joined the Jets the previous season as an undrafted free agent. Dorsey played in college at LSU, where he was a member of a national championship team.