Let's clear this up once and for all: Mike Babcock will coach the Detroit Red Wings in 2014-15, no matter how much other teams might want him, no matter what the media dream up. He has a year left on his contract. The Wings want him back. He doesn't want to leave. "A hundred percent," Babcock told Yahoo Sports. Babcock said even if the Wings fired him now, he would not look for another job until after next season. The youngest of his three children will be a senior in high school in the Detroit area. He will not uproot his daughter, and he will not coach elsewhere during that time. "I ain't missing it," Babcock said. There are no guarantees beyond that – not for the Wings, but not for other teams, either. General manager Ken Holland plans to discuss an extension with Babcock at some point this summer. Babcock is in no rush one way or the other. "I have a contract for a year; Ken Holland has a contract for a year," Babcock said. "I assume the sequence of events are, they deal with Ken Holland first, and then they deal with Mike Babcock. But I'm real comfortable, and I mean that, and I've said it. I'm on record. I'm comfortable in my situation. It's not like I need someone to do anything right now. I’m fine because I think our team’s going in the right direction again.” Is Babcock open to an extension? “I’m open to anything,” Babcock said. Babcock has said much of this before. But it bears repeating as rumor and speculation swirl about his future, and it is interesting to note he thinks the Wings are headed “in the right direction again” and he’s “open to anything.” After the Wings were eliminated by the Boston Bruins in the first round of the playoffs, Babcock was asked if he would discuss an extension. Ears perked up when he told reporters: “I doubt it.” The rumor and speculation have picked up since – especially because the Toronto Maple Leafs chose not to fire coach Randy Carlyle and the Pittsburgh Penguins chose not to fire coach Dan Bylsma (at least not yet). Are both teams interested in Babcock? Who wouldn’t want Babcock? He is one of the best coaches in the NHL, if not the best. He has won the Stanley Cup and lost Game 7 of the Cup final twice. He just won his second Olympic gold medal with Team Canada and was named a finalist for the Jack Adams Award, which goes to the NHL’s coach of the year. All of this puts Babcock in an excellent position. Unless Wings owner Mike Ilitch makes him an offer he can’t refuse – a distinct possibility, considering how aggressive Ilitch has been historically – Babcock can play out the final year of his contract and then assess his options. He can become the hottest coaching commodity the NHL has seen in recent memory.