In the days immediately after talks broke down with the Diamondbacks last month, Miguel Montero couldn't keep himself from thinking about the contract offer he had declined. He couldn't help but wonder: Did I make the right decision? But within a few days, he said, he had moved on, and now, with what could be his final season with the Diamondbacks about to begin, he says he doesn't even think about it. "I'm used to playing for a contract every year," he said, referring to having gone through the year-to-year arbitration process. "I think of this like any other year." Montero is a man in perpetual motion, someone whose mind is always working, so for him to say he hasn't been thinking about his contract situation is hard to swallow. But then again, Montero is the confident sort. Before he got a chance to play every day in 2009, he says he would tell anyone who would listen that that was all he needed: a chance. "I never doubted myself, ever," he said. "I don't think anybody can believe in me more than I do. I've always believed in myself. I know what I'm capable of doing."