File this under things we never thought we'd be discussing. Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera -- the best hitter in the world and likely AL MVP for the second straight season -- appears to be a a major concern for the Tigers' World-Series-champion-or-bust season. And again in most unlikely fashion the concern is with his power. Specifically his lack thereof. Wait how in the world are we talking about this? We're talking about a guy who had 44 homers in the regular season and led the majors with a .636 slugging percentage. Well he's banged up. He's been dealing with groin and abdominal issues for the better part of a month. It shows too when watching him swing the bat. He's all arms. Even with his single to center in the first inning Saturday he did nothing with anything below his chest. He was able to get a base hit because he's Miguel freaking Cabrera and he's an artist when he has a piece of lumber in his paws. Here's the problem: Miggy in the three-hole for the Tigers is supposed to be much more than a singles hitter. That's what he is right now though. He has just two extra-base hits since August 26 -- and the last week of August is when the abdominal issue surfaced. He doubled on Sept. 13 and homered on Sept. 17. Otherwise it's been all singles walks or outs. It's not a coincidence that the Tigers haven't scored a run since the first inning of Game 1 either.