When you can’t run you can’t hide it. When you can’t move you’re defenseless. When you can’t hit you’re just not Miguel Cabrera. All of which makes it hard for the reigning American League MVP who is in fact Miguel Cabrera to feel like himself. And nearly as difficult for the Tigers to be themselves now though they’ll try try again to pretend this weekend at Fenway Park hoping to stave off two elimination games and advance to a second straight World Series. Their aces are lined up ready to go with Max Scherzer pitching Saturday in Game 6 and Justin Verlander scheduled to start Game 7 if necessary. But after that the Tigers are grasping at motivational straws like the one Torii Hunter pulled late Thursday night after a 4-3 loss at Comerica Park. “I definitely think the pressure’s on those guys not on us” Hunter said of the Red Sox who’ve got two chances at home where they owned the best record in the American League this season. Hunter said virtually the same thing 10 days ago when the Tigers were pushed to the brink by the Oakland A’s. And even though he was wrong things worked out all right then.