While Miguel Cabrera and his ex-mistress continue to spar over child support, new court documents show the Detroit Tigers slugger has showered the woman with plenty of perks, including a trip to Europe with her two children, $5,000 kid birthday parties and a $9,000 Disney Cruise. This on top of the $3,000 a month he gives the woman to visit her father in Venezuela, court records show, a Range Rover, and $20,000 a month in child support for the son and daughter he fathered with her during a secret, years-long relationship. Meanwhile, Cabrera's wife is aware of all this as newly obtained court documents show she has been involved in the settlement talks and mediations with her husband's ex-mistress, Belkis Rodriguez, 35, who is suing Cabrera for more in child support. The Florida woman agreed to have Rosangel Cabrera attend the settlement talks to keep things amicable, records show -- though she's taken a jab at Cabrera's wife in court documents, claiming the baseball star only cut her child support by $5,000 to appease his wife who discovered the affair and filed for divorce. "It is important to make clear to the court that (Cabrera) ... only ceased paying this amount not because he believed it was inappropriate for the support of his children .. but instead in order to appease his wife in an attempt to halt the divorce proceedings," Terry Young, Rodriguez's lawyer, wrote in a filing. " ... These minor children should not be penalized because their father's wife is angry that he chose to have a relationship with their mother and otherwise support them over the years, as he rightfully should have done." These details were disclosed in documents obtained by the Free Press — records that chronicle how much money the Orlando, Fla. woman has been receiving from Cabrera since he fathered their first child in 2013. The boy is now 5. They also have a daughter, who is 2 1/2. She argues that given his $30 million a year salary, he can afford to pay her $100,000 a month under Florida's child support guidelines.