Here's an idea: Maybe Miguel Cabrera should take care of all of his kids — the three he chose to have with wife Rosangel Cabrera, and the two he chose to have with Belkis Mariela Rodriguez, the woman with whom he had a long-term extramarital affair. Cabrera's a grown man whom one presumes understands how babies are made. If he didn't take steps to prevent Rodriguez from becoming pregnant before he started the affair, you've got to assume that he intended to father children, or at least considered the risk acceptable. After years of keeping his affair under wraps, the Detroit Tigers' star first baseman has spent the last six months fighting Rodriguez's attempt to win more child support in a Florida court. It's easy to get distracted by the big numbers here: At present, Cabrera, 34, pays Rodriguez, 35 of Orlando, $15,000 a month, a sum she says isn't sufficient to pay the mortgage on the $1 million home she purchased last year with his financial assistance, and, presumably, encouragement. But let's do the math: An online mortgage calculator and tax estimator for Orlando suggests that the bank note and taxes on a $1-million house could near $10,000 a month. Cabrera is paid $2.5 million each month. (We can talk later about the cultural dysfunction that pays cops in this state an average $53,000 and teachers an average $61,000 and showers cash on a man who makes a living hitting a ball with a stick.) That's $30 million a year. At $15,000 a month, Cabrera is spending .6% of his monthly pretax haul to support his children, whose paternity he's never contested. Rodriguez's suit was prompted, according to court filings, by Cabrera's unilateral decision to decrease monthly support from $20,000 to $15,000, a sum Rodriguez says isn't sufficient to cover the mortgage and living expenses, and a move she believes was prompted by an attempt to appease Rosangel Cabrera, who'd filed for divorce after learning about the affair.