Wednesday Raiders head coach Dennis Allen announced that left tackle Jared Veldheer had a torn triceps muscle and the plan was to place him on injured reserve come the start of the season. "Jared Veldheer he's got a torn triceps" said Allen. "We're going to do the surgery on Jared Veldheer and he'll be a candidate for the I.R. with the potential to return. So I'll have more information on that probably later but that's kind of the direction we're headed right now." With most triceps tears missing just part of a season would be quite optimistic. If it is a full tear an entire year of recovery is expected following surgery. Last season Ray Lewis shocked everyone by returning after 10 weeks to return for the Raven's playoff run. Granted linebackers' duties are far less demanding on a triceps injury than left tackle. Nothing a good brace can't cure. But an offensive tackle muscle put strain on his triceps on every single play. It must be at full health.