With spring training just weeks away, Detroit Tiger slugger Miguel Cabrera is battling a stubborn, legal migraine that's been lingering since last season: a paternity suit filed by an ex-mistress who is suing for more money. The woman claims Cabrera owes her more in child support and wants it now. He says he's giving her plenty — at least $12,000 a month for two kids. The timing of the drama couldn't be worse. Cabrera has two court hearings in Florida this month -- one of them on the eve of spring training — all while he's gearing up to prove that his back injuries have healed and he's stronger than ever, as the Tigers have claimed. The first hearing is Friday morning, during which Cabrera's lawyer will fight to keep his client's ex-mistress from obtaining the baseball star's financial records. Cabrera also hopes to convince a judge on Friday to keep the media out of all future court hearings, noting that both sides have already entered into a confidentiality agreement "to protect the privacy rights of both parties and the minor children." "The father believes it is in the best interests of the parties and the minor children to minimize opportunities for the media to continue to report about this matter," Cabrera's lawyer, Ben Hodas, wrote in a December filing that seeks to keep Cabrera's court hearings private. That next court hearing is scheduled for Feb. 12.