A University of Michigan student told Bo Schembechler he was sexually assaulted by Dr. Richard Anderson, a lawsuit alleged Thursday. This happened in 1982, when the student, known as John Doe 17, was examined by Anderson for migraine headaches and said he was digitally penetrated. 

The student was part of the broadcast team in the athletic department and had a relationship with Schembechler. The coach had recommended Anderson, the team doctor. And when the student reported back to Schembechler what Anderson had done, the coach allegedly reacted angrily and told him to tell the athletic director, Don Canham. 

In other words, he passed his coach’s whistle to someone else. That's not just disappointing, it’s unsurprising. 

How could it not be at this point?  

Almost 400 accusers have come forward about alleged abuse by Dr. Anderson. There are at least 50 lawsuits. We will likely never know the scope of who knew what and when.