The Michigan women's basketball team's run in the NCAA Tournament ended abruptly on Saturday. 

But the road back home to Ann Arbor was just as bumpy and, quite honestly, way scarier.

U-M women's basketball assistant coach Toyelle Wilson shared on social media on Saturday night that the team plane, going from San Antonio back to Michigan, flew through a storm. The plane lost considerable altitude and cabin pressure and the passengers had to use the deployed oxygen masks.

Wilson wrote that the plane had to make an emergency landing in Evansville, Indiana, about 430 miles southwest of Ann Arbor. 

It is not clear what kind of issue the plane experienced to force the landing. 

A few minutes later, Wilson tweeted a picture of the team, all masked up and giving thumbs up on the plane. She wrote: "Just want everyone to know, we are on the ground SAFE. Waiting for the next steps."