Michelle Beadle is sick of LaVar Ball and more than a bit upset at her own network facilitating the Big Baller Brand’s incessant ranting. The SportsNation host went off during a segment about Lonzo Ball’s disappointing NBA debut, telling his father to “go away” after he bombastically insisted he had a good game despite getting bodied by Patrick Beverley and the Houston Rockets on Thursday night. The performance was a gleeful one for Beverely, who wanted to show the NBA rookie that his father’s words are going to get him a lot of attention from defenders in the NBA. Lonzo, however, was undeterred by his failure, and his father appeared on SportsCenter after the game to have a back-and-forth with Stephen A. Smith that amounted to little more than outright grandstanding. But on Friday’s SportsNation, Beadle had enough of the Ball talk, calling LaVar “garbage” and a “clown” for his antics and his inability to leave his son’s career alone. “Just for the record, I want to reiterate: this has nothing to do with Lonzo Ball,” Beadle said, before someone on the panel added “or his father.” That got Beadle going, who corrected him and said it absolutely did have to do with LaVar Ball. “When that clown goes on our network after the game to give his own postgame…” she started, before getting shouted down by the men on the panel about the use of “our.” Beadle was clearly heated, correcting everyone by asking who pays them and what set they are on. “Is ESPN not our network?” she asked. “I believe we work here.” Undeterred by their skepticism, she continued. “When he has his own postgame press conference on SportsCenter, it is one thousand percent about his father,” she said. “His father can’t get out of his own way. Let the kid have his career. Go away.” From there, it got a bit personal.