Now that he'll be staying with the Philadelphia Eagles for at least one more season, Michael Vick can spend the next few months doing what any suburban dad would do with a little bit of free time on his hands as spring approaches. He could work on his golf game, take the kids to Dave & Busters, maybe head over to Lowe's to get a head start on the gardening. In Vick's case, one of those activities happens to be signing up for dog training classes at a local PetSmart, the sort of thing that wouldn't normally raise any eyebrows had the Eagles quarterback not served federal prison time in the most famous dog fighting case in U.S. history. Philadelphia sports site Crossing Broad posted several photos of Vick and his dog enrolled in training classes at a New Jersey location of the retailer, providing the following context. Via Crossing Broad: A CB tipster, whose claims can be corroborated by several tweeters, sent along a few photos of Vick that were taken at a New Jersey PetSmart, where Vick, his family and a bodyguard have been attending dog training classes for Angel, the Vick family's young Belgian Malinois (a type of Shepherd).