Michael Vick has a question for the animal rights activists who harp on his past and might have made death threats against him: "Why would you continue to bash somebody who's trying to help make the world a better place?" The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, who four years ago was imprisoned on federal dogfighting charges, appeared at a suburban Atlanta church for a charity event for juvenile offenders Saturday afternoon, signing autographs four days after his publisher, worried about death threats, canceled a series of appearances by Vick to help promote his autobiography, "Finally Free." Animal rights activists have made Vick a longtime target for their protests, and their anger recently was stoked when Vick admitted his family had a new dog as a pet, because he wanted to learn from his past and teach his children how to care for animals. When threats were made, Vick's tour was temporarily suspended. "A lot of people are sick and tired of hearing about my past, because there are so many other problems that are going on in this world that need to have attention drawn to them," Vick told USA TODAY Sports. "People are dying every day, children are being killed, going to jail. Not to say I overlook what I've done, but I try to do outreach as a positive. "That's my responsibility. That's what I'm going to continue to do. That's what's important. Those people are not important." The book tour is back on, and Vick says he wasn't afraid for his life when Facebook comments threatened violence, but he was concerned for the health of others.