Michael Vick surprised even himself by defeating LeSean McCoy in a 40-yard foot race earlier this month. Though McCoy jokingly derides Vick as an "old man," the 32-year-old quarterback might be faster this year than last thanks to the training regimen implemented by new head coach Chip Kelly. "I didn't know I could still run that way," Vick told Yahoo! Sports' Jason Cole. "I give a lot of credit to our strength and conditioning program, the things Chip has implemented into our training. He's got me doing things and seeing muscles that I hadn't seen in my body for a long time. It's a good time. I'm excited about that." Kelly has introduced new fitness and health practices, including heart monitors, customized sleep tests and personalized smoothies specifically catered to each player's diet and workout regimens. It's all designed to help his players sustain peak performance in an up-tempo attack. "I've never engaged in this type of nutrition and conditioning and weightlifting," Vick said. "It has been great because it's different than what I've done in the past. ... At the end, you look in the mirror and you're like, damn."