Michael Pineda is embarrassed, contrite and essentially unemployed. But he’s not going anywhere.

The Twins righthander, suspended for 60 games Saturday for testing positive for a banned substance, said he intends to remain in Minneapolis for the rest of the season in order to help his teammates in whatever limited capacity he can.

“I’m going to support them as much as I can,” Pineda said at a news conference to discuss his positive test for hydrochlorothiazide, a diuretic that can be used to mask the presence of performance-enhancing drugs. “I just wanted to get with them behind [closed] doors and apologize for what I’m putting the team through, and myself through.”

Pineda’s mistake was a costly one: He forfeits roughly $984,000 of his $8 million salary for sitting out the final 23 days (and 21 games) of the regular season, and will forgo 39 games worth of whatever his next contract calls for when he completes his penalty next spring.