Former Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin joined Mark Elfenbein and and Nate Newton on KESN-FM 103.3 FM ESPN recently to discuss Dez Bryant. Here are some highlights. On the criticism of Dez Bryant: "I warned you people here in Dallas to stop this [expletive] right now. I'm sorry, I'm sorry I shouldn't say that word. Stop this mess right now. We did this a couple of years ago with DeMarco Murray. I tried to warn everybody to stop talking like you're talking. 'You can stick anyone behind that offensive line.' You're doing the same thing, you're doing the same thing. You can think you can find a receiver that can put up the types of numbers that you know Dez can put up? Stop it. They don't grow on trees like leaves or everybody would be raking them in. We're going to be headed towards another dumb, ignorant season because all of you guys are talking ignorant. You're talking ignorant. Stop doing that" More on Bryant: "Listen, what I'm saying, and I heard your caller saying 'Cooper Kupp had the same...' Cooper Kupp hadn't seen a No. 1 corner with safety help every game. It's that kind of thought. It's that kind of thought process that scares the mess out of me. What we need right now is a good offseason. Not an offseason with all this rhetoric and mess going on. We need to go into this season clean. We need to go in clean and rack it up one more time. If things don't pan out this year, I'm on board for everybody making all kinds of changes. But we have the team. We have to have a good offseason. We have to have everybody in the right mindset and go into a season.