Michael Irvin loves how Michael Vick plays thinks he has earned the starting job the Philadelphia Eagles just officially gave him and believes he is the best fit for the team right now. But Irvin does not understand how 11 years into his career Vick has not learned how to slide to protect himself. “It’s mind-boggling’’ Irvin the Hall of Fame receiver and a co-host for NFL Network’s GameDay Morning pre-game show said during the network’s preseason introduction in New York Wednesday. Irvin shook his head and repeated: “Mind-boggling mind boggling mind-boggling. “I mean I’m watching the game (last week against Carolina)—he took a hit in the preseason and he almost didn’t get up. I said ‘Oh my God.’ Down on the goal line he almost did not get up on that play down on the goal line. Are you (kidding) me? I mean …’’ Irvin chuckled and shook his head. He was referring to Vick’s second-quarter scramble—his second in consecutive snaps—on first-and-goal from the Panthers’ 7 in which he lunged forward head-first and took a hard hit just short of the goal line. He dove forward head-first at the end of the previous run as well. “The only time you do it—when John Elway did it in the Super Bowl. That’s it’’ Irvin said. “When the Super Bowl game is on the line and it’s third-and-whatever and you need that first down you stick your head in there. Other than that anywhere else you slide and give it up.