This isn't a repeat of the Nick Leddy piece, where I lament how critical I've been of him and admit how good he actually is and can be. No, I've been a fan of Michael Frolik for some time, through his complete inability to finish and his days stuck in the Joel Quenneville doghouse. However, even prior to this year, Frolik wasn't a guy that you can look at and say that he is absolutely crucial to his team's success. The Blackhawks probably could have dealt him some time last year and saw similar results to the ones they finished with. But this year is different, for the Hawks obviously, but for Frolik as well. The most important thing is that the Hawks finally have a role for him. When he was acquired from the Florida Panthers, Michael Frolik was originally brought on to play a little center and add a little pop to the offense. Those center dreams ended extremely quickly (and rightfully so), but many were still expecting 20 goals, minimum, from Frolik. After all, he'd posted two 20+ goal seasons with the Cats. We have yet to see anything close to that type of offensive output from Frolik to this point in his time wearing the Indian Head. And that's perfectly okay. After just 24 points in his first 91 games as a Chicago Blackhawk, the staff finally understood where he belonged. In a defensive role.