Wes Welker and Michael Crabtree, two of the most successful receivers in Texas Tech history, weren't the closest of friends when they initially met, to put it lightly. Welker finished his collegiate career in 2003 and returned to campus to work out with the team when Crabtree joined the program in 2006. Crabtree, an admitted hothead, didn't like the way Welker attacked him during some one-on-one drills. "I actually got into it with Wes Welker when I first went to college," the San Francisco 49ers receiver said yesterday. "He said something about me playing in the summer. We were doing one-on-ones with some guys that were in the NFL that used to go to Tech. He was holding me, and I was fresh out of high school, had an attitude, and I was cussing him out to get off of me. He got in my face like I was going to back down." Naturally, that wasn't the case. "That was one of those things I was letting him know I'm about to come in there and do better than what he did," Crabtree said. "It was just fun and games. That's my dude, though." Crabtree got a kick out of telling the story, especially since they've become good friends almost immediately after they cooled down from that brief spat. Now, Crabtree and the 49ers are trying to do what Welker couldn't accomplish last season: win a Super Bowl. That might lead to a little more trash talk. The pair last spoke after the 49ers beat the Patriots in Week 15 at Gillette Stadium, and Crabtree believes he'll see Welker during the offseason, which he always likes to do. "You can learn a lot from guys like that," Crabtree said. "Wes is a legend."