Michael Beasley's former team has been in the news almost every day this season — from players reportedly shedding tears in the locker room after a one-point loss to Chicago to LeBron James making a questionable trip to the bathroom. The distractions have made the Miami Heat one of the most scrutinized teams in NBA history, yet Beasley would gladly trade positions with a team that was supposed to win the NBA title by just showing up. "Give me 52 wins and people can talk about me all they want to," Beasley said. "People can say anything they want: 'His feet are too big' or 'his head is too big.' They can say whatever they want if I have that many wins." As the celebrated Heat (52-23) prepare to face the Timberwolves (17-58) tonight at Target Center, Beasley had trouble hiding his disappointment over how his former team has been perceived and the amount of attention paid to a squad that likely will be considered a failure if it doesn't win the NBA championship. Beasley, drafted by the Heat in 2008, was spared from the seasonlong circus atmosphere surrounding the team when he was traded to the Wolves in July. But the 22-year-old forward said he still keeps in touch with Dwyane Wade, one of the Heat's three superstars, as well as forward Udonis Haslem and guard Mario Chalmers. Beasley said he feels for what his friends and the Heat are going through.